Pet Portraits

Choosing the perfect photo of your pet.

Finding the perfect photo of your pet for a pet portrait can be a daunting task, here are some helpful tips that will help guide you!


  • The best photo is a clear photo, choose one that isn't blurry or fuzzy.


  • Take a phot of your pet in natural light, make sure the sun is not behind your pet otherwise they will be in shadow and that the sun isn't directly behind you taking the photo. As your pet will be squinting and you may be casting a human shadow over you beloved pet. Find an a spot that offers even light without huge shadows.


  • Take photo on eye level with your pet, an arm length or slighly more from them, you may need to kneel down if they are on the ground. Try to avoid zooming in as some camera zooms can loose details when using this function.


  • When choosing your photo, make sure the colours are as accurrate to your pets true colour as I will be recreating the image into a pastel portrait.


  • I will not be able to accept professionally taken photos or photos off the internet not of your pet, without written permission from the photographer. Even though you may have paid for the photos you don't necessarily own the copy right to reproduce from that image.


  • Examples of good and not so good images below..


About the materials

I work in soft pastels, pastel pencils and pan pastels - onto fine art pastel mat.


The pastels are highly pigmented and vibrant in colour, perfect for capturing those realistic fur details.


The pastel mat is a board with a rough texture to it, this help the pastels stay on the portait. With no need for fixative spray.


24 X 32 cm  Single, pet portait   £375


35 X 50cm Single, pet portrait   £530


50 X 70cm Single, pet portrait   £1000


Portraits will be draw/ painted without a background unless requested. The pastel mat colour is grey or very light grey ( almost white). The fee for the background is additional and may vary depending on the level of detail.

Between...........................£20 - £200                                  

Additional Pets

For additional pets on the same portrait, please add 50% of the size price. (To get the best detail, no smaller than 35 X 50 cm for two pets.) Contact me for quotes with 3 pets or more.

Postage and Packaging

Packaged with recycled boxes and packaging to help to help the environment. Royal Mail insured, tracked and signed for postage.

UK Postage included and non deductable

(For international postage please ask for a shipping quote as this will be additional to the portrait price. Customs and Exports fees not included, you as the buyer are responsible for paying these- Please see terms and conditions


You will receive a quote and invoice by email, using Square from Jo Blake Art for you to pay your deposit. Only then will your booking be complete.

50% (non refundable)

View terms and conditions before placing your booking to make sure you are happy and confident in you decision.

"Jo Blake is a phenomenal and talented artist! She did a pet portrait of my dog, Pia and captured her beautifully! I was completely captivated by the level of detail and how the drawing was so lifelike and a true picture of my Pia! it is my most treasured piece of artwork! Jo is an amazing artist and I look forward to more pieces to come!"

Alison Snow ~ Google Review

"We commissioned two pet portraits from Jo and both are phenomenal. The amount of detail, the obvious care and love she puts into each piece is just amazing. We love them so much, we're having them professionally framed!

Melissa Disque ~ Facebook TM review

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