Chiri The Hummingbird a book about empathy and kindness. For reading ages 4 - 8 years. Chiri a sparkly hummingbird goes on a journey of self discovery, learning he needs to slow down, think of how he is effecting others with his actions and how to make up for his mistakes. The book is available on Amazon.

Chiri The Hummingbird: A book about empathy and kindness (Shy Skye Flie High series ~ Social, Emotional Learning children's stories, about friendships of birds in the Amazon Rainforest.)


Chiri The Hummingbird, is a bright and colourfully illustrated story about a small, sparkly Chiribiquete emerald hummingbird. Like most hummingbirds he needs to regularly feed on nectar from flowers for food. When he gets hungry, Chiri's behaviour changes and he shows no empathy or kindness to others or his environment.

Reading ages 4–8 years old.


A question page at the end of the story will help with gauging the child's comprehension of the story and its message.

This will also open up social emotion conversations on:

★ Effects of hunger on your behaviour.

★ How Chiri's actions affected his relationships and environment in a negative way.

★ Children can relate it to own life experiences and knowledge of Social, Emotion Learning.

★ Empathise with Chiri and how he has upset his friends.

★ Spot where he goes wrong with his behaviour.

★ To stop and allow yourself time to think when things are not going your way.

★ Patience.

★ Accepting you were wrong is okay! It's how you learn.

★ It takes positive action, kindness and courage to make things right.

★ Apologising takes bravery and strength if you really mean it from the heart.♥


Winner of the 2021 Author Elite Awards!


Shy Skye Flies High!: Children's book on shyness (Shy Skye Flie High series ~ Social, Emotional Learning children's stories, about friendships of birds in the Amazon Rainforest.)


Skye, a shy parrot finds the courage to overcome her fears and play with her friends.



This story shows how:



★ Kindness can make a difference to somebodies life.

★ Physically what shyness looks like for Skye.

★ What it takes to face and overcome your anxiety or fear.

★ Accepting help from others and allowing your self to relax and have fun.

★ How being shy or anxious is a basic instinct and how it can keep you safe.

★ To face the same fear or anxiety time and time again, with each episode becoming stronger, more resilient and able to handle a panic episode.

★ Being 'shy' does not mean you don't want to be noticed or heard.

★ Using your gifts of shyness to help others!

★ Celebrate every social emotional win! (To Skye's friends, eventually joining in looked like nothing, but to Skye it was a battle.)

I invite you to join Skye to find how she saved the day!


SOUTH MOLTON, DEVON, ENGLAND — October 28, 2021 — South Molton resident, Jo Blake, has won the 2021 Author Elite Award in the Children's and Middle-Grade category for her book, Shy Skye Flies High!  Blake was announced the winner at this year's Author Elite Awards Ceremony hosted from the Hilton Columbus/Polaris, in Columbus, Ohio.

Kary Oberbrunner, founder of Author Academy Elite and the Author Elite Awards says, "Our goal is to help further connect this global community of authors, maintain excellence and integrity of the book publishing industry, and raise awareness that the stories being told and the authors who write them are worth our attention."

Beginning in January of this year, over 1,000 authors worldwide were nominated for their work in one of the following 12 categories: Business & Economics, Children's & Middle Grade, Clean Romance, Fantasy & Science Fiction, General Fiction, Health & Wellness, History & Historical Fiction, Memoir & Biography, Mystery & Thriller, Religious Nonfiction, Self-Help and Young Adult.

Authors of all sorts—indie (self-published), traditional or collaborative published—were considered for an award. Entries were reviewed and evaluated based on popular vote, social contribution and overall presentation (cover, content, flow, and originality) by a panel of select judges.

Respectful of current COVID-19 restrictions and choices, the event was held both in person and as an innovative experiential conference, sharing all in-person aspects virtually. Blake was invited, along with the other top ten finalists in the Children's and Middle-Grade category, to present her book synopsis at the Author Elite Awards Red Carpet Sessions. Saturday evening included a Red Carpet Meet and Greet followed by the Author Elite Awards Ceremony.

Blake was invited to give an acceptance speech at the award ceremony and also received:

  • The Academy Boon of Merit Award.
  • Traditional Media and Social Media press including features on select podcasts, shows, vlogs, blogs, and articles.
  • Lifetime access to 30 Days to a Bigger Stage Experience, an online program helping authors get publicity for their book.
  • A recorded coaching session with YouTube consultant Brad Burke on how to leverage your book with video.

About the Author Elite Award

The Author Elite Awards is an award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry. It is presented annually at the Author Elite Awards Ceremony by Author Academy Elite, a premium service provider for authors. For more information on the awards, visit

 Primary School, Social Emotion Learning

Workshops & Author Visits

Social Emotional

My books are centered on social emotional learning and empowerment. With colourful Amazon birds, that show children about anxiety, flight or fight, facing your fears, overcoming them, staying safe, being a leader, empathy and kindness, being respectful, using manners, being mindful, bullying, patience, forgiveness, acceptance, self reflection and being the best version of yourself you can be!


Assembly Visits

15 minute Story reading of one of the books. A brief chat about the message within the story where I ask them questions to engage with them. Question time. Signed books available for purchase.



1 Hour Workshop (with or without assembly)

I will read both ( or just one, depending on what you prefer) Shy Skye Flies High & Chiri The Humming Bird to the class or group. Once confirmed, you will be emailed a Shy Skye Flies High workbook to print copies for the Workshop (I am unable to print these for you as I am keeping costs to a minimum). I will work through the workbook with the children in the time I have, giving guidance and support. They can have more chances to ask questions and be inspired to write, read and draw!




 "Jo was fantastic with the children and they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Jo inspired the children to write more in school by giving them the confidence to have a go! Jo was kind and caring towards the children and supported them throughout the workshop. A workbook was provided and the children loved taking these home. The workbook did have quite a lot of writing involved so in the future this could be adapted to accommodate the younger children. The children loved hearing Jo's stories and having a personal signing session. We would welcome Jo back to our school in the future as she not only taught the children about writing and illustrating a book but she also taught them about motivation, resilience, confidence and the ability to learn from the past. Thank you for coming Jo! You were fabulous." -DaryP-1

Business Response  07 Dec 2021 
"Thank you for inviting me to Dolton C of E Primary School. I loved meeting the children and engaging with them. I have even had some parents come to see me at South Molton Pannier Market where I have a stall on Thursdays. Saying how their child is writing and drawing every night❤️ I do agree with the Key stage ones, they need more active and participation based activities, I will use this feedback for future workshops. Thank you for all the letters by Key stage 2 children. It is so heart warming that they understood my message and even offered encouragement towards me when I spoke about my story, of overcoming shyness and living with anxiety. Thank you x"

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